ADX Studio Introduction

12 May 2015
Introduction to a series of posts on using ADX Studio to deliver a portal for Dynamics CRM.

So I just started a new job! First day on the job was the first day of a week of training!

No easing into it here at Empired!

My new role is a Solution Architect in the Business Productivity Solution team. Sounds neat eh? Basically, this team looks at delivering value to customers through the Microsoft Dynamics stack - CRM & ERP flavours (AX, NAV).

One of the big requirements which comes up frequently from our customers are portal components which either provide access to data stored within Dynamics CRM, or need a friendly, public interface for services offerred by the platform.

There are a number of options for delivering portal features - build your own custom ASP.NET application, implement a portal in SharePoint (or sitecore or any other CMS), or use the ADX Studio product.

I’m not going into a comparison of the three options however I do want to provide an insight into what is possible with ADX and highlight the good and the bad bits.

I dont think I can cover off everything in a single post so I’m going to put a couple up a posts covering areas of interest.

Written on May 12, 2015